VSWCD mill levy passes; de Cherif and Moya re-elected

by Julia M. Dendinger | May 8, 2013 | Filed under: News
One candidate was literally jumping for joy while it was smiles all around for everyone else Tuesday
evening after the results of the Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District election were announced.

Incumbent for board Position 4 Teresa Smith de Cherif beat out challenger Lawrence Sanchez, 266 votes

to 143.
“I love the people of this county,” de Cherif cried out as she saw the unofficial numbers. “I think this
election has created a huge political space for people in this community who want to run for office and do
good work.”
During her campaign for re-election, de Cherif said she received harassing phone calls, was accused of
trying to manipulate the election outcome through the absentee ballot process and had her campaign
signs, which featured her picture, bashed in.
“The people have stood up and said this election matters; it matters that you run a clean, transparent
campaign,” she said. “I love this county.”
The other big victory on the ballot was the quarter mill levy, which passed 284 votes in favor, 136
against. When those numbers were announced, VSWCD Board President Joseph Moya just smiled and
laughed quietly.
“Well, I feel better than I did this morning,” Moya said.
Moya’s seat was also up for re-election, but he was unopposed, garnering 279 votes.
The president thanked everyone who came out to vote, saying the funds would be of great help to the
district to continue programs, purchase new equipment and leverage funds for cost sharing programs for
local farmers and ranchers.

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Teresa Smith

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