Igrupo1_300x270’m passionate about making Valencia County prosperous for all who live here.


We shouldn’t be under water in the desert!  Many people in District 7 could owe less, if they had jobs or a fair wage.  That’s why I’m in favor of clean-energy and health initiatives that will give working Valencians and those who want to work opportunities.

I will vote to raise the minimum wage, and fight for capital-outlay funds for Valencia County.  The last Democrat that District 7 sent up to Santa Fe stayed home when it was time to vote for such scarce funds. I will fight to bring Solar Energy to the East Mesa, because solar is healthy, sustainable, and jobs creating.

I know something about starting small businesses, having created business enterprises in many African countries where I have volunteered as a medical doctor.  I was featured in Kaelo: The Miracle Stories, a 2005 television series in South Africa about new business committed to uplifting disadvantaged communities.  As a local farmer and sheep rancher, I know about the challenges of growing food and fiber locally, but I also believe in the opportunities.  Our beef, lamb, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruit, fiber, and alfalfa sustain our community with jobs, nutrition, pollination, value-added products, and exercise.  I have pledged to help revitalize the East Mesa, and building a new community garden, holding mobile Matanzas, and promoting a local farmers’ market at the Meadow Lake Community Center are practical and possible economic development activities.

I invite you to read about my health initiative that also will bring jobs to Valencia County, immediately below.


I care about our children and will fight for student-centered and teacher-supportive education.  I will end Santa Fe “methods” of teacher evaluation, including calculations derived from “Teach to the Test” mandates, which are scientifically invalid.

A world-class education is the surest path to success, and is possible in Valencia County–if we listen to the heroes on the frontline–our teachers.  We don’t need top-down orders to improve.  We need appropriate salaries to retain our teachers and welcome new educators to the profession.  We need to support the arts, social studies, and physical education, while we bolster science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  That’s why I drafted legislation in 2013 to fund hands-on science opportunities for our children in the Bosque Ecological Monitoring Program.  That’s why I support bringing Valencia school children to programs at the Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area in Belen.  I also support local groups engaging in arts and crafts instruction, from the Meadow Lake Parks Association to the Tome Gallery.


health_300New Mexico is a state with a chronic shortage of physicians.   Traveling to sites across the state to provide quality healthcare in medium- to long-term assignments at various clinics and practices, I serve New Mexicans every day.  I know medicine in New Mexico.

I live the challenges of health care in New Mexico:  I have transported patients from rural new Mexico to Albuquerque–in my own car–when they couldn’t risk being taken to collections for not paying the ambulance bill to Albuquerque.

I’m a doctor who will fight for accessible health care, including a new clinic in our East Mesa.  Our residents of Meadow Lake and El Cerro Mission should not have to stay at home when they’re sick, because they can’t afford the gas to drive to a clinic across the river.  This year, I brought health fairs to Meadow Lake and El Cerro Mission, when the incumbent representative promised the same, but failed to deliver.  Likewise, I have volunteered in some of the remotest places in Africa, bringing AIDS medicines and care when no one else would.

My clinic initiative will bring jobs to Valencia County!  Those jobs will include construction, as the proposed site is adapted to a clinic, high-speed Internet installation for the electronic medical record, and staff from medical assistants, clinic administration, to licensed clinicians.  Providing accessible, quality health care is a pillar to community wellness, and will help revitalize our East Mesa communities of Meadow Lake and El Cerro Mission.


I will build on my experience as your elected representative on the Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District Board.  I will continue to fight to preserve our Rio Grande Valley Values, supporting agricultural conservation and historic preservation, balanced with planned growth, especially as we face pressures to urbanize.  We should have turn lanes where we need them, and new roads and bridges–if and where they are wanted.  But, if a project presents hazards to our community, heritage, soil, and water, and offers essentially no local jobs, I will work to stop it.

My record in conservation includes serving as an appointed Member of the Board of the Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District (VSWCD), from 2008—2013.  I was elected to the VSWCD Board in 2013 by a 2:1 margin.  In 2008, I wrote a Brief of Amicus Curiae (Friend of the Court Brief) in support of the people of the rural ranching community of San Clemente who were fighting to keep a bulk fuel storage facility out of their community.  My Amicus Brief was accepted by the Thirteenth Judicial District Court.

I secured VSWCD approval to provide funding for the Bosque Ecosystems Monitoring Program (BEMP), which provides vital research by Valencia County students that informs District habitat restoration and fire abatement efforts along the Bosque.  I also wrote legislation to support the BEMP, so that our students could have hands-on science opportunities locally.

I also secured VSWCD funding for the restoration efforts at the Meadow Lake Parks and Recreation Association, a community-based effort that has transformed a former lake-turned-garbage dump into a beautiful park with walking trails, native grasses, and a totem pole forest.  I have advised other local communities about Agricultural Preserve zoning, and have provided community activists with the legal strategy that has prevailed, to date, in Court. I continue to manage a 250-acre conservation property for the District.  For my conservation and humanitarian work, I received the Governor’s Distinguished Woman of New Mexico award in 2009.


valecia_300Valencia County belongs to all who live here.  I welcome diversity and have zero tolerance for discrimination.  That’s why I ensured that the Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District Board (on which I serve as an elected official) receive anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training.  The people of District 7 want a representative working for them, in an open and efficient, ethical, and accountable manner.  I value constituent input, and Valencians will always know where I stand.


Being a local, elected official and a doctor in this state has made me be a good and empathetic listener, problem solver, and informed advocate—qualities that are necessary to be an effective State Representative.

Passionate about making Valencia County prosperous for all who live here–with jobs, health, valley values, and education–I want to be your next Democratic State Representative from District 7!