CVNM declares victory in most races

New Mexico Telegram / June 5th, 2014

CVNM-logoConservation Voters New Mexico had a successful primary night in six of the eight races where they made endorsements.

The races were all state House or Public Regulations Commission races.

“CVNM’s work in the primary elections better positions us for success in the general election,” CVNM Executive Director Demis Foster said in a statement. “Our Election Day success takes us a step closer towards decision-makers and public policies that represent the conservation values of New Mexicans.”

All of the candidates CVNM endorsed are Democrats. In most of the races, the winner will not be facing Republican competition in the general election, making Tuesday’s elections the likely general election winner, barring a write-in candidate or the primary winner dropping out.

Included among the candidates who won with the support of CVNM is Doreen Johnson, the candidate in House District 5. This is the race that CVNM is most recognized with following the group’s funding of a legal challenge to the signatures of incumbent Sandra Jeff. Jeff has said she will run for reelection as a write-in candidate. There is no Republican candidate.

In the only race where the CVNM-endorsed candidate will be facing a Republican candidate is in House District 7 where Teresa Smith de Cherif narrowly defeated former representative Andrew Barreras. Smith de Cherif will now face incumbent Kelly Fajardo in a race considered one that will help decide control of the state House.

Andres Romero in House District 10 and Javier Martinez in House District 11 won races to replace retiring long-time legislators from Albuquerque. Romero beat two other candidates to replace Kiki Saavedra, including his son Randy Saavedra. Javier Martinez easily defeated John Rivera in the race to replace House Majority Leader Rick Miera.

Also Rep. Tomás Salazar defeated his predecessor Richard Vigil for the second straight election in House District 70.

CVNM endorsed in two PRC races as well.

Former PRC commissioner Lynda Lovejoy is a former chair of the PRC. She also served in the state senate, but is likely headed back to the PRC after winning a three-way primary. This includes Theresea Becenti-Aguilar, the incumbent in District 4.

In District 5, CVNM endorsed Marie Lee Soules over Sandy Jones. According to unofficial results, Jones won the race by a 50.35 percent to 49.65 percent vote — just outside the .5 percent threshold for an automatic recount.

In one race, the CVNM candidate came in last in a four-way primary. In House District 9, Jordon Johnson lost to incumbent Patty Lundstrom. Lundstrom ended up with over 60 percent of the vote.

Fixed typos and the fact hat Lovejoy is likely headed back to the PRC, not the state senate.

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