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congresista“I’m supporting Teresa Smith de Cherif for State Representative in District 7. Teresa is a problem solver, not a partisan politician, and will lead the fight to improve New Mexico’s schools and economy in the legislature. She’ll fight for increased education funding, fair wages, and work to bring a much needed health clinic to eastern Valencia County. I hope you will join me in supporting Teresa Smith de Cherif for State Representative.” –U.S. Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham


heinrich“We are pleased to endorse Dr. Teresa Smith de Cherif for State Representative of District 7 in eastern Valencia County. We are very fortunate to have a candidate of her quality and integrity, a candidate who has proved time and again through her efforts as a Medical Physician, and as an environmental advocate, serving as a Board Member of the Valencia Soil and Water Conservation Board, that she will always be there for those in need, and for those seeking to improve the quality of life here in New Mexico. She is an advocate of our workers, teachers, and students. Seldom does a candidate udallof such strength and devotion find her way to public service, making us proud to be colleagues and supporters of Teresa Smith de Cherif.”




Senator Linda Lopez, former candidate for New Mexico governor, endorses Teresa Smith de Cherif, MD for State Representative, NM-7, Democrat!.

Here is Senator Linda Lopez message: “Teresa is a committed community leader with heart. She cares for, listens to, and works with community. As your State Representative, I know she will be committed to working for you and our state. I endorse Teresa Smith de Cherif for State Representative and ask that you vote for her on November 4th!”

Thank you, Senator Lopez!

Note: Please help us by investing in our campaign–with a house party, by knocking on doors or calling with us, or by contributing via Act Blue or a check in the mail (Box 326, Tome, NM 87060).


howiemorales“As a State Senator and recent candidate for Governor, I have always worked hard and done what is right for the people of New Mexico. I am fortunate to share that same passion with many other great leaders of our communities, and one in particular: Teresa Smith de Cherif.

It is my sincere pleasure to endorse Democratic candidate Dr. Teresa Smith de Cherif for the New Mexico House of Representatives race in District 7. I know that she will take her honesty and integrity into office as she has in her career as a medical professional. As a hospital administrator, I know the value of a doctor who puts her patients first. I know Teresa is this type of doctor, and she will make it a priority to improve the lives of the people of District 7 and this state.

Teresa, like me, highly values education and has the necessary skills, intelligence, and good judgment to insure that we will do better for New Mexico’s children. It is not surprising she has been endorsed by American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Educational Association (NEA). Speaking from a teacher’s point of view, she is the best choice in this race for New Mexico’s educational future.

With Dr. Teresa Smith de Cherif’s experience and passion to serve her community, I firmly support her candidacy and urge that we do everything necessary to help her win.”

–Senator Howie Morales

Note: Please help us by investing in our campaign–with a house party, by knocking on doors with us, or by contributing via Act Blue or a check in the mail (Box 326, Tome, NM 87060). Thank you, Senator!

New Mexico Building and Construction Trades Council Endorses Democrat Teresa Smith de Cherif for State Representative–District 7!

tradeDirector Ray Baca called yesterday to announce that the Council had voted unanimously to endorse my candidacy for State Representative.  I pledged to keep New Mexico union strong and said that I would work tirelessly to raise the minimum wage.  After all, people who work hard and play by the rules should have a living wage and not be living in abject poverty.

Oxfam, a nongovernmental organization that works to fight poverty in the developing world, just released a report highlighting that a raise in the minimum wage to $10.10 from its current $7.25 an hourwould benefit more than 25 million American workers.  The report says that the new living wage would not damage economiccompetitiveness, but would serve as as an economic stimulus that would create 140,000 new jobs and reduce the $243 billion in government spending that supports people living in poverty. New Mexico is one state where people would benefit greatly from a fair wage.

Meanwhile, District 7 Republican incumbent skipped out on the vote to raise the minimum wage this past February at the Round House.  She, Alonzo Baldonado, and Don Tripp–the three State Representatives of Valencia County–left their chairs and hid in the back of the room while the votes were cast.  Curiously, while out talking with constituents, the District 7 Republican representative also lied, saying that she had voted in favor of raising the minimum wage! Well, the documents of the House of Representatives show that she lied.

I pledge to be a representative who works for the people of District 7, not a representative who puts politics before people.

Thank you to the hard working people of the New Mexico Building and Construction Trades for their investment in my campaign to make Valencia County prosperous for all who live here.

We won!

Yes, WE WON! Here are the results of the Democratic Primary Election for State Representative District 7: Teresa Smith de Cherif, 790 (51.37%) , my opponent, 748 (48.63%)! I am so grateful to all of you–the people of Valencia County, District 7, my volunteers, supporters, and my family– for working together to make Valencia County prosperous for ALL who live here!

I am especially grateful to my volunteer team that helped me spread the message of our campaign during the last weaks, up until 6:57 pm this evening (when a volunteer made the last call to Get Out the Vote). To all the individual donors, organizations, and unions who invested in this mission, with contributions and time: I promised you I would work hard. Thank you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to the people of District 7, who opened their doors to me, and decided today that I could be the one to bring District 7 back to the Democrats. I promise I will continue to work hard to make Valencia County prosperous for all of us who live here! I will continue to need your help. Soy una nieta del Suroeste, soy tu candidata. Gracias a todos.

Building a Valencia County that is prosperous for all

One week later, and people are still talking about the unfortunate remarks about me and Jim Danner made by NM State Representative Miguel Garcia.  I can’t tell you how many people have thanked me for immediately accepting his apology and inviting him for café con leche. I really do believe that Representative Miguel Garcia’s apology was as passionate as his attack, and I have thanked him for the integrity that led to his apology and the retraction of his statement.  As I told KRQE TV, I spoke to Rep. Garcia in Spanish (my beloved second language), inviting him to join me for a café con leche so that we could discuss the important issues we face in Valencia County.

Moments such as this are opportune, because they call us to unite in efforts to make Valencia County prosperous for ALL who live here.

I am passionate about the work ahead. I pledge to continue working to raise the minimum wage, provide accessible health care in our East Mesa, provide jobs in clean energy, health care, and via capital outlay funds, make education student centered and teacher supportive, and to maintain our Valley Values through agricultural conservation and historic preservation, balanced with planned growth.

I am grateful to the many leaders in our Party who announced loudly and clearly that the kind of language circulated in Representative Garcia’s original email is unacceptable. Thanks again also to Candidate Otero’s repudiation of the original, unfortunate commentary made by Rep. Garcia. Interesting that the other candidate for House District 7 (my opponent) has been silent, while this sad incident has gone national, via the Associated Press.

Now, let’s get back to work to win back District seats 7 and 8 for the Democrats!   Please VOTE during early voting, from 10-6, until May 31.

Help us make it to the finish line, and win: Consider buying a locally made gift today. Or, make an outright donation via Act Blue

Less than 2 weeks until the  Primary Elections  on June 3!   This is a crucial time, and we need your help to  knock on doors and  spread the  word about this campaign  to voters .  We also need a little more  investment in the campaign!

We are in the final phase of a targeted mail campaign. Many of the people we meet knocking on doors have given us positive feedback about the message of working to make Valencia County prosperous for all  who live here.

The mail campaign has been resonating with voters, but it also  has drained our finances , leaving us with another $2000 bill to be paid. Our volunteers have done excellent work raising money with dessert and tea at their homes, via the sale of donated artwork and crafts, and with outright donations.  But, we still need YOUR help.

Please buy a product today, in support of Democrat Teresa Smith de Cherif, candidate for State Representative, NM District 7.  If you are local, we can deliver the product to you at no extra cost.   If you reside  out side  of Valencia County, we will bill you  for the shipment. Just send us a  message to our email, or to our  Facebook  page. Here is the list of articles we choose for this first shot:

Here is the list of articles we choose for this first shot:


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And of course, if you want to invest in my campaign in an quick way, invest via Act Blue option (here you have the link):

Meanwhile I will continue to fight to be your candidate for House Representative, District 7 Democrat· to make Valencia County prosperous for ALL who live here!


Milan Simonich of the Santa Fe New Mexican: NM Governor Susana Martínez prefers 2012 defeated opponent to face Rep. Fajardo in November

Interesting thesis of Milan Simonich in the Santa Fe New Mexican (read it here). According to this seasoned writer, my opponent in the Primary Election “would make a big and inviting target for Gov. Susana Martinez’s political team as it tries to protect incumbent Representative for District 7 Kelly Fajardo from defeat and give Republicans a shot at controlling the House. Martinez’s camp knows full well that Smith de Cherif would be a much tougher opponent for Fajardo.'”

This thesis could explain why, since early April, my campaign has been under attack from a well-known, local Republican official and his sidekick, the County Bully, with baseless accusations, personal smears, and voter intimidation. They have threatened a local octogenarian couple (the wife is handicapped) for putting up a sign, stole the sign from their property, and persisted with the harassment until the couple reported feeling “intimidated in our own home.” Voter intimidation and elder abuse are felonies, and sign theft is a misdemeanor! When a local businessman put up a sign, they threatened to shut his young enterprise down. There is at least one other involved with the infamous Republican and the County Bully, and two of them were observed last year illegally paying for campaign expenses the Republican incurred.

This year, the group has been silent regarding my opponent’s raising only $ 25 for his campaign, while he has an active advertising program in the local advertisement bulletin, the Flyer. Who is paying for my opponent’s advertisement and signage? Campaign finance laws require that if family are friends are financing my opponent, their contributions must be reported! We are monitoring these events and will seek to protect the rights of our citizenry to free speech, association, and security in their own homes.

Meanwhile I continue to fight for a Valencia County that is prosperous for all who live here!


The National Education Association of New Mexico (NEA) has endorsed my campaign too!

10-5-2014 10.5.17 2The National Education Association of New Mexico (NEA) has endorsed my campaign! In its letter to me, NEA stated that it “recognizes, appreciates, and applauds” the support in my electoral platform for public-school education and public-school employees.

By the way, did you know that the NEA dates to 1886? At that time, there was no public education and more than 60% of New Mexico´s population over the age of 10 could not read or write. Things have improved since then, but these are difficult moments for public schools, which are menaced by insufficient financing and “methods” of teacher evaluation like the “Teach to the Test,” which are scientifically invalid.

10-5-2014 10.5.58 1That´s why I am very happy to be in this battle, on the same side of one of the most prestigious associations advocating for New Mexico Public Schools, the NEA, working for improved, student-centered education for our children and support for our teachers and other school employees.

Education is so key to making Valencia County prosperous for all who live here that today I am going to be meeting with local teachers at a house party today. I am looking forward to learning from those who invest in our children’s lives every day –our teachers.

IMPORTANT:  Won´t you join the NEA´s investment in my campaign by contributing $100 or what you can today, so we can reach our goal of another $7,500 in the bank by Wednesday, May 7?




anews1OLÉ New Mexico has endorsed my candidacy to be YOUR next Democratic State Representative for District 7 in the Round House. I am very proud that Olé New Mexico is the first organization to formalize its support to my campaign at a meeting we had at their Albuquerque office with an investment of $ 200 !

OLÉ is a non-profit organization of working families who aim to influence decisions that will shape the future of New Mexico using grassroots organizing within the local community.

OLÉ‘s members are the people who perform tasks that could be “invisible” in our daily routine, but are key to having a safe and efficient environment. They contribute to good care of our children, they assure that our streets are kept clean and passable, and they maintain the physical plant, security, and cafeteria at our hospitals so that we doctors can carry out our work … Prior to their decision to support me, the people of OLÉ New Mexico questioned me carefully about my program and asked my opinion on many issues not included in my platform. For exaimple, one of their representatives, as she realized that I am bilingual in Spanish, asked me in my second language what would be my position regarding public transportation in Valencia County.  I answered her in Spanish and then translated to English that I am very aware that, because of low wages, there are people who cannot afford the expenses of car insurance and gas, effectively precluding them from getting to work (or to the doctor!)…


Raising the minimum wage would be a first step, but we also need to work on providing public transportation on the East-West grid in Valencia County.  This deficiency  is particularly acute in the East Mesa communities of Meadow Lake and El Cerro,  who virtually are at the mercy of a single, one way in and out. What a coincidence that one of the OLÉ committee members had been a resident of Meadow Lake and knew very well what I was talking about.

Thank you, again, OLÉ New Mexico.  I promise you I will continue  to work for a Valencia County that is prosperous for all who live here!

Will you join with OLÉ today and add your name to the growing list of supporters, by investing in my campaign $100, $50 or $25 today? Together we can make a Valencia County prosperous for all who live here!