Teresa Smith de Cherif




I’m Doctor Teresa Smith de Cherif, YOUR candidate for State Representative, District 7—Democrat. My roots to this land are long, dating to the late 1800s, when my great grandfather was a copper miner here in the Territories of New Mexico and Arizona. I learned Spanish from his son, my grandfather, and delighted in my beloved grandfather’s tales of his childhood in the Southwest. I’m proud to be a granddaughter of the Southwest!

I understand that education opens doors to the future, because I’m the first in my Dad’s family to graduate from college. I also took to heart the message from my East European immigrant relatives, who lost everything–including family members–during World War II. My maternal grandfather always said, “Get your education. Whatever happens, your education never can be taken from you.” I moved back to New Mexico to complete my training as a medical doctor, in 2002, as a single mother, often with mi hijito (little son) in tow.

mineros2I have been a public-interest fighter since childhood, when I organized a neighborhood carnival to raise money for a local hospital.

I’m passionate about making Valencia County prosperous for all who live here.

I will vote to raise the minimum wage, and fight for capital-outlay and renewable energy projects for job creation in Valencia County. We shouldn’t be under water in the desert! Many people in District 7 could owe less, if they had jobs or a fair wage. I invite you to read more about my job creation initiatives in the pages that follow.

I’m a doctor who will fight for accessible health care, including a new clinic in our East Mesa. Our residents of Meadow Lake and El Cerro Mission should not have to stay at home when they’re sick because they can’t afford the gas to drive to a clinic across the river. This year, I brought health fairs to Meadow Lake and El Cerro Mission, when the incumbent representative promised the same, but failed to deliver.

I will build on my experience as your elected representative on the Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District Board. I will continue to fight to preserve our Rio Grande Valley values, supporting agricultural conservation and historic preservation, balanced with planned growth, especially as we face pressures to urbanize.

I care about our children and will fight for student-centered and teacher-supportive education. I will end Santa Fe “methods” of teacher evaluation, including calculations derived from “Teach to the Test” mandates, which are scientifically invalid.

Being a local, elected official and a doctor in this state has made me be a good and empathetic listener, problem solver, and informed advocate—all qualities that are necessary to be an effective State Representative. For my conservation and humanitarian work, I received the Governor’s Distinguished Woman of New Mexico award in 2009.

Passionate about making Valencia County prosperous for all who live here, I want to be your next Democratic State Representative from District 7!